Pink Flamingos Original Oil Painting

*NEW PAINTING* Pink Flamingos II

Michelle Jane Williamson
Professional Oil Painter Specialising in Wildlife and Pets.

It wasn't too long ago I finalised my First Flamingo artwork, Pink Flamingos. 
It proved to be one of my most popular artworks, receiving the most attention and positive feedback. 

I'd been paintings a whole lot of African Wildlife, I've found I get a little obbsessed with a category and its hard to move on till I've got it out of my system. I felt I'd painted enough Zebra butts for now, don't worry there will be more, and I wanted to give our feathered friends a go.

I love interesting shapes, that's why giraffes always appealed to me. I love the shape of the body and the long neck extending up to a lumpy head with lots of interesting bumps and nooks. Naturally my instincts sent me toward the flamingos. Much like a giraffe in its structure, but also completeely differnent. Thus was born Pink Flamingos.

Pink Flamingos Limited Edition Print

'Pink Flamingos' celebrates colour and life. The bright pink and pastel tones all work together to create a light airy atmosphere, contrasted against a cool baby blue background.

 This artwork would brighten up any room, whether it's the kids activity room, the dining room or the bedroom. It makes for a beautiful feature artwork.

It's wide ratio makes it perfect for those large spaces, whether above a lounge or not.

'Pink Flamingos', the original soon made it's way to it's new home in Barto, Pennsylvannia, on the other side of the world!

Although you missed your chance with the original I am offering a limited edition print run of this artwork in a variety of sizes as either a rag paper or canvas print! You can find it here.

I thought it was time to create another feathered artwork, inspired by the first. This time I'd stick with pastel colours, but I'd implement green instead of blue.

 I love bright colours, and I love how they can add life to a room. When I draw up a painting or when I first picture it in my mind, I often see it on a wall. It's bright colours standing bold against the white, and it's colours mixing melodically with the wooden floors and tabletops.

Pink Flamingos II was no exception.

'Pink Flamingos II'

'Pink Flamingos II' is an Original Oil Painting, hand painted with the highest quality oil paints onto a specially primed and prepared surface. The Edges are painted as a wrap around from the front, on a custom made professional artists quality stretched canvas. The artwork comes ready to hang on your wall with its own certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

This one was definitely one of my favorite creations, I enjoyed working with this colour palette and can't wait to create another! 

I hope you love it! 

Michelle xx


Pink Flamingos II

Original Oil Painting on Canvas